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Cake and Covid

So, those of you that dont know us very well, we are a successful cake shop in Letchworth town centre. The two main things we offer are highly decorated (and delicious) celebration cakes, and super scrummy cakes by the slice for you to take home and enjoy. Everything was all going so well, the diary was filling up for the year for weddings, birthdays and all kinds of celebrations. The shop was getting busier and busier all the time, basically satisfying everyones cakey requirements!

Then, entered Covid-19.

As we all know, the pandemic has really hit the country (and the world for that matter) hard. Many small businesses are having to adapt to survive. We at Cakey Lady HQ are no different. Our lovely regular customers coming in for their treats, coffees and chats seems like a distant memory now. The obvious thing to do, if they cant come to us, we shall go to them! Cakey Lady home delivery was now a reality. truth be told, it was something that we had spoken about doing many months before, and now it was time to try it out.

As with all things new, we were a little nervous about how best to approach offering our cakes for home delivery. Neither of us have any experience with anything similar. We opened up the phone lines for people to order, not really knowing what to expect. On day 1, it didn't stop ringing for around 5 hours! That day was chaotic to say the least! Over the few weeks we have been offering home delivery, we have ironed out the process somewhat, delivery to certain areas on certain days, phone lines open for 3 days before deliveries etc. We have learned a lot about our business from doing it. The main thing we have learned throughout all of this is people really love their cake! We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the love and support shown to us from our old customers, and plenty of new ones too. We are deeply passionate about what we do, and it goes way beyond earning a living for us and our family. So to hear all the lovely comments people have been saying on their doorsteps collecting their deliveries, or facebook comments and messages and even over the phone when people have been placing their orders. It then seems strange that we hope that one of the most rewarding and positive experiences of our professional careers comes to an end very soon.

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