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Specialising in all things baked, all of our bakes are made on the premises.

Our BakeHouse: Welcome
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 Our offerings of freshly baked cakes and treats change daily, but you'll always find a cabinet full of brownies & blondies and a counter top full of cake stands holding our epic cakes and slices. Not to mention cookie jars stuffed with our house made cookies.

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Carefully selected, perfectly made, and all alternative milks are free of charge. 


We know a thing or two about coffee here at The BakeHouse, and carefully selected our house blend for use everyday. A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, all our coffees are made with double shots (unless otherwise requested) so if you're a coffee lover you are sorted! We may not offer the biggest menu but what we do is made properly and delicious.


Bird & Blend really stood out to us when we were researching tea, and we were drawn in by the fact they are also an independent, family run business, that just happen to make absolutely beautiful tea! The Great British Cuppa is our every day breakfast tea, and it sits alongside Earl Grey Creme, Rooibos Breakfast Cuppa, Peppymint, Sunny Sencha & Strawberry Lemonade.

Our recent loose leaf additions of Apple Strudel, Tea & Toast, Black Forest, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Digestive have been super popular since they arrived, and are served in individual cafetieres. 

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No messin' about here...our hot chocolate game is on point!!

Using a combination of dark choc powder and Belgian milk choc crumbs it really hits the spot, and you can top with lashings of cream and your choice of toppings from a list of over a dozen!

Available with dairy free options too... we're particularly partial to a coconut milk hot choc at the mo'!

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Made with Fabios gelato in our traditional milkshake mixers, we have your standard Vanilla, Strawberry & Choc flavours on our menu, accompanied by Daim Bar, Choc Honeycomb, Jammie Dodger, Oreo, Biscoff and all sorts! We even have a list of specials that we work our way through, just to make the decision a bit easier for you! 
Topped with cream and crumbs, or 'All the Stuff' as we call it, our milkshakes are force to be reckoned with!

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We love the Dalston's soft drinks range and have a range of their fruity, fizzy drinks in our fridge. Lemonade, Cherryade & Rhubarb just to name a few. Glass bottles of regular, diet and Coke Zero, as well as Fanta are also available, alongside cartons of fruit juice and the Can o' Water....

we avoid plastic packaging wherever we can. 

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Meticulously hand made here on the premises, our cold brew coffee is a level up on the regular iced coffees you'll find in most places. There's no hot coffee shots poured over ice here, using freshly ground beans our House Brew is left for at least 24 hours before being filtered and chilled, ready for serving. Black, milky, with a syrup, with an alternative's delicious every time!

Heads up, this is a seasonal drink which may not be available during the colder months.

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